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Consultancy & Collaboration


Photography: Marcel Prats


Creating compelling content across print, digital and multimedia; defining a clear tone of voice and refining messaging; copywriting and the telling of a brand or organisation's story effectively.


Crafting a distinctive, meaningful visual identity that speaks to an organisation's audience and says something about its values and mission.


Leaning on years of experience and expertise across multiple channels to promote a brand's message or offer effectively; considering the best allocation of resources for companies of all scales. 


Defining objectives and considering how best to achieve them; offering market insight to help brands steer a considered course; and forecasting to deliver a vision of what lies ahead.

From content creation to strategy, Harry's many years of experience in media, design, hospitality and travel, have seen him called upon to consult by companies of all sizes. He has overseen large-scale multimedia campaigns, advised on rebranding for international businesses and developed future-centric strategies for market leaders. His current and previous clients include Kerzner, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Especial, Double Decker, Studio AfroditiKrassa, Blacksheep, Pure Escapes and Nude glass, among others.

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