As an editor I’ve been responsible for the development, launch and management of multiple titles - spearheading content, leading creative direction and nurturing new media brands as they step Bambi-like into the cut-and-thrust world of print and online.

As editor of Supper  - the international coffee-table magazine covering hotel F&B - I brought the title to market and oversaw all aspects of its genre-defining editorial, from cultivating its distinct tone of voice, to building a spiffing pool of global contributors. Many of these wordsmiths, photographers, creators and doers, remain some of my closest collaborators and - thanks to my forgiving attitude when it came to the infrequent missed deadline - many are good chums.

As I continue to do in my freelance work, I traversed the globe to showcase inspiring people and projects, giving our readers an inside view on the new, the innovative and the unexpected in travel, food and design – be it an ultra-luxury restaurant in Beijing, or a bordello turned boutique hotel in Paris' Pigalle. 

Previous gigs include launching and heading-up a new men’s fashion and lifestyle title (MOJEH Men) across the GCC, which involved relocating to the very-sunny-for-a-redhead Dubai, working to establish a market-leading brand and creating a content mix that would see me reviewing a new desert hotel one day, and interviewing Saudi royalty the next. At Positive Luxury – an online platform that aims to help luxury consumers spend better – I managed the launch and, in my time as editor, worked to make sustainability sexy through editorial that spoke to our audience in an accessible, engaging and meaningful way.

So what makes a good editor? Knowing your audience, knowing your brand and knowing when to call a tea break.